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                  Profile mould

                  With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, advanced design, excellent production and optimal price, it is the first professional manufacturer engaged in the design and production of door and window profile dies in China. It carries out personalized customization and design, so as to give full play to the extruder capacity and achieve the best physical properties of the products.

                  Application range:

                  PVC plastic steel doors and windows, flat open doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, guardrails, trunking and other PVC pipes The first mock exam is multi cavity tube, foam tube, winding pipe and so on.

                  Extrusion material:

                  UPVC, PVC soft hard coextrusion, PVC multicolor coextrusion, multi material coextrusion, full package coextrusion and pressing Flower crowding, etc

                  Technical advantages:

                  1. Automatic CNC machine tool has high machining precision and minimal mould error

                  2. According to the customer's raw materials, the design experience value is unique to each company

                  3. Reasonable die cavity parameters and water gas arrangement can give full play to the best production capacity of the extruder

                  4. Adapt to the production of various formulations and different equipment

                  5. Accurate reset ensures the continuous production capacity of the mould

                  Main types of mould:

                  Single cavity mold: high extrusion speed, main profile extrusion speed is more than 2.5 meters per minute

                  Double cavity mold: give full play to the maximum capacity of extruder, stable and efficient production

                  Multi cavity mold: used in small section products, improve production capacity

                  Multi cavity mold: used in small section products, improve production capacity

                  Coextrusion mold: coextrusion soft rubber strip or coextrusion color surface, coextrusion layer is uniform

                  Full cladding mold: new material for outer layer and old material for inner core, which can save material cost and avoid steel lining.


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