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                  Sheet die


                  It is the first patent for surface crusting technology,

                  The surface of the plate is smooth with high hardness,

                  Uniform discharge and long service time

                  Application range:

                  Furniture board, cabinet board, sanitary ware board, building template, advertising board

                  Extrusion material:

                  PVC foam, PVC + wood flour, multi material coextrusion

                  Technical advantages:

                  1. It is the first invention of surface crust technology patent, with smooth surface and high hardness

                  2. Patent runner design, uniform and stable discharge, suitable for a variety of formulations, and

                  3. The thickness of 1.5-40mm can be produced by using different die heads

                  4. Streamline design to eliminate material flow, product foam uniform and stable

                  The surface of coextrusion is fine and uniform with uniform thickness

                  Main structure of sheet die
                  Adjusting rod foaming die
                  Suitable for various formulations
                  Open die
                  Not easy to paste and smooth surface, long production time
                  Double channel die
                  Suitable for thick plate, hard core
                  Upper and lower adjustable die head
                  The thickness adjustment range is large
                  Crust foaming die
                  It is equipped with cooling crust plate to make the surface hardness of products higher
                  The core material is wrapped, and then the coextrusion material is formed through the die head

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